Age Appropriate Exercises

jogging_2Whether you’re more comfortable exercising in a chair or fit enough to be challenged by interval training, I will develop unique exercise programs specifically designed for YOU.  We will discuss your goals, and keeping any limitations in mind, we will work together to attain those goals.  Your exercises will be safe, effective, and fun!

When you’ve maxed out your insurance coverage of physical therapy, I am able to bridge the gap so that you can continue to maintain your good health at a reasonable cost.

I have been personal training for over 30 years, covering all ages – from youth to youngsters in their 90s.  My focus is now solely on the 50+ population because they have the best attitude!  The’re no longer looking for quantity, but quality of life.  Watching clients progress to higher levels of strength, confidence, and independence is a wonderful thing!

Sure there’s Boot Camp and CrossFit.  That’s not what we’re talking about.  We focus on getting your heart to beat stronger, strengthening your bones to become denser and less apt to fracture, and most importantly, on balance and stability to reduce the risk of falling.  Studies prove that people can get stronger at any age with exercise!